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I empower men to build a strong, healthy, energetic body they'll love and be proud of. 

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I struggled to manage my weight and feel energized as I tried all different kinds of diets and exercised daily. I saw results here and there, but none that I could sustain.

Ever since adopting a lifestyle based on the basics of eating clean, moving more and sleeping better, I have reclaimed my health and feel stronger and more confident than ever.

I am a certified Primal Health Coach ready to empower you to build the strong, healthy, energetic body you deserve!

Ready to build a strong, healthy, and energetic body you'll love and be proud of?

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Coaching packages include access to the Back to the Basics of Healthy Living Program along with coach accountability and support.

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Health Coach Carter:

"I was struggling with my overall health, my wife and I were pregnant with our first child, and my biggest fear was ending up like my father, who has been unhealthy and overweight my entire life. In the end, I felt helpless with my diet, exercise plan, and my overall health before working with Health Coach Carter.

Health Coach Carter truly cared about my success in terms of a healthy life. This is his passion and it could not be more obvious - he is not just trying to make a buck, he wants to change your life and help you live the best and most fulfilling life you possibly can, making him an easy choice of who to have help you become your best self.
Now, I am the active dad that I always wanted to be. Although my diet isn't perfect, it is much better than it used to be and I feel much more confident and proud of my overall health. I feel like I will be able to continue playing sports, working out and most importantly being healthy for a long time in order to enjoy my active lifestyle as a husband and father of 2."

- Tyler Z

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