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If you want to transform your health, I can help you create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle in order to live a joyful, functional and energized life.

Discover the power of implementing simple, healthy habits through the Free 5 Day Simple Habit Challenge

Free 5 Day Simple Habit Challenge

Does living a healthy life seem unattainable?

If your current nutrition and exercise habits aren’t working for you, then you will continue to feel like your health goals are out of reach.

Are You:

  • Gaining weight?
  • Working hard without sustainable results? 
  • Lacking enough energy for the things you love?

  • Lacking the confidence or motivation to make healthy choices?
  • Fearful that your health is getting worse? 
  • Tired of feeling disappointed?

Health Coach Carter Can Help You!

I offer the following services to help you achieve your health goals:


Services Comparison

I struggled to manage my weight and feel energized as I tried all different kinds of diets and exercised daily.

I saw results here and there, but none that I could sustain.

Ever since adopting a lifestyle based on the basics of eating clean, moving more and sleeping better, I have reclaimed my health and feel stronger and more confident than ever.

  • Health Coach Carter

    “Health Coach Carter is the perfect coach to help you build the necessary healthy habits and hold you accountable to them. As a husband, startup executive, and amateur triathlete, it was so helpful to have a coach who was confident, compassionate, and kind to keep me on track for my goals and help me balance during times of high stress. It’s easy to get distracted by the newest diet fad or exercise program. Health Coach Carter focuses on the most important, long-term habits and behaviors that will ultimately leave you moving, feeling, and thinking great. Whether you are just starting on your health journey or looking to optimize your life, Health Coach Carter helps you get there.”

  • Health Coach Carter

    “I've lost 17 pounds and it's mainly due to more movement, making better food choices and eating 3 servings of veggies each day. Thank you again, Health Coach Carter, for helping me implement these 3 basic habits - eating clean, more movement, and better sleep - in my daily routine. You're the best!”


  • Health Coach Carter

    “Health Coach Carter is amazing at providing organized information and giving positive, pressure-
    free feedback. He understands that everyone’s life is unique and that healthy lifestyles are not one-size-fits-
    all - what works for me may not be perfect for another.”


  • Health Coach Carter

    “As I started to get older, I recognized that I wanted to develop better habits that would enable me to live a healthy life. I began working with Health Coach Carter over a year ago and have found his process to be effective in moving me forward on this goal. I did not want just an exercise program or the latest diet fad but was looking for something more holistic that would evaluate me in the entirety and create a program that I can follow for the rest of my life. Coach Carter was able to do this and has helped me develop exercise and eating regimens that provide flexibility for my life, without me having to make changes to my routines and who I am. He has been a consistent sounding board and support when I needed it. I am looking forward to the better me he has helped create and the future it provides. ”

Ready to transform your health and feel empowered to make healthy choices?

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Health Coach Carter and HCC Consulting LLC have taken the Small Business Anti-Racist Pledge. 

As a health coach and small business owner, I will continue to be an active learner about anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy. HCC Consulting LLC will take action to support the Black Community and Communities of Color by donating 6% of all business earnings at the end of each quarter to organizations that support those communities. HCC Consulting LLC will also continue to diversify where the company’s budget is spent. Although HCC Consulting LLC is a small and growing business, it’s goal is to create a diverse and inclusive community to empower individuals towards a healthy, energized, joyful and fulfilling life. 

Click here to learn more about the amazing organizations we will be donating to.